The Pathfinder is an 11 metre twin hulled NoosaCat built to USL (Uniform Shipping Law) code 2B certification.

It has an extended cabin to accommodate a fully integrated hydrographic survey system in a custom designed office layout on the port side. It has a dual frequency (200khz/24khz) transducer fitted into the starboard hull and a single high frequency (200khz) transducer mounted in the port hull.

The vessel was chosen for its stability characteristics and flexibility to operate in both shallow water and open sea conditions.

It has been designed so that only two personnel are required to perform most survey work and is fitted with a modest galley, two bunks, a shower and a toilet. A davit arm and diver’s access ladder are mounted in the cockpit, while mountings for multiple transducers and the GeoSwath transducer arm assembly have also been installed. The vessel’s cruising speed enables rapid deployment to project sites.

We have recently installed a R2Sonic 2022 wideband high resolution multi-beam system and QINSy data processing software for the Pathfinder.


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