Positioning Equipment

The Applanix POS MV is a Position and Orientation System for marine vessels. The system provides accurate navigation and attitude data for use by equipment on board the Pathfinder, such as swath sonar, to correct for the effects of vessel motion during survey operations.

A compact Trimble Ag132 GPS 12 channel receiver (dual-channel MF differential beacon receiver/satellite differential receiver) is mounted on both the Pathfinder and the Felix. This unit is generally configured to utilise OmniStar differential corrections thus providing high quality positioning over an extensive range.

Trimble RTK is used to provide centimetre height and position accuracy for both topographic and hydrographic surveys. The system is ideal for beach levelling and can be readily deployed on all vessels.

KVH gyro digital fluxgate compasses are used to input compass headings into the HydroPro software so that layback and offset positions can be calculated.

A TSS DMS 05 Dynamic Motion Sensor, which measures the heave, roll and pitch of the vessel is mounted within the GeoSwath transducer assembly. Motion information is logged in the GeoSwath sounding system and applied to the data in the reduction process. Heave may also be input to the single beam echo sounders or directly into HydroPro.


Trimble HydroPro software is used to provide real time guidance, log data from various ancillary devices such as single beam echo sounders and output positional information into GeoSwath.

An extensive library of coordinate systems and geoid models are available to orientate the survey from transformed GPS positions. The online graphics display not only shows the runlines and site details, but also monitors the progress of the survey by showing the vessel track during the course of logging data.

Display screens can be customised to any desired layout to provide information for both the helmsman and surveyor.

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