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HydroSurvey Australia can assist your business with a range of hydrographic survey services. Our client base is diverse and includes port operators, public regulators, mining, petroleum, defence sector organisations as well as a range of private sector consultants.

Our survey services

HydroSurvey Australia provides detailed, high-accuracy hydrographic survey services to private and public sector clients, with mid to large-scale projects, in South Australia and interstate.

Our hydrographic expertise includes, ocean, coastal and inland waterway surveys.

To maintain reporting accuracy for clients we always use our own vessels, rather than a ‘Vessel of Opportunity’ (VSO).

We only use hydrographic surveyors accredited by the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute Accreditation Panel.

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With our Nautical Charting Hydrography services, HydroSurvey Australia has the capability to chart berths, port waters and shipping channels.

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Recurrent Bathymetry – channels, berths and waterways

HydroSurvey Australia carries out regular recurrent hydrographic surveys of channels, berths and waterways at all main shipping ports (approximately 100 kilometres of channels and 50 berths) in South Australia.

This work also involves the positioning and placement of navigation aids (i.e. beacons, buoys, sector lights and leads).

Ship tracking

Ship tracking was used to assist Flinders Ports in determining whether there was a need to adjust, deepen or widen the channels to enable the passage of larger vessels. 

HydroSurvey Australia tracked and plotted the bow and stern positions of various large vessels as they proceeded up the Port Adelaide and Port Pirie shipping channels.

Port Bonython

Extensive sounding coverage was carried out for the approach and departure lanes for this deep-sea gas and fuel port in South Australia.

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Channel marker buoys were accurately positioned and laid in the centre of Spencer Gulf.

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Major dredging of shipping channels

In association with Flinders Ports, HydroSurvey Australia has been involved in dredging works conducted at major South Australian ports.

Pre, progress and post dredge surveys have been undertaken as part of major upgrade developments of the shipping channels at South Australian ports including the deepening of the shipping channels at Port Adelaide and Port Giles to take panamax vessels.

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Investigation into deep-sea ports

Bathymetric surveys were conducted over extensive areas of Germein Bay, Wallaroo Bay, Ardrossan, Port Le Hunte and Goat Island in South Australia to determine the suitability of each for a deep-sea port.

Details of sub-strata were plotted and dredging volumes calculated for various depth scenarios.

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Marina developments

HydroSurvey Australia has been involved in various marina developments in South Australia including Lincoln Cove, North Haven, Copper Cove, Ceduna Keys and Cape Jaffa in the south-east of South Australia.

These have involved conducting pre, progress and post dredge soundings to calculate volumes for cost estimates, and record actual dredged volumes for payments.

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Supporting the Australian Defence Force

HydroSurvey Australia has conducted various project works on behalf of the Australian Defence Force and the Australian Submarine Corporation, including the provision of sub-metre guidance and position fixing for scientific instruments and ship tracking, as well as supporting sea trials and shock trial moorings.

We have also been involved in the design of the new Air Warfare Destroyer berth and ship lift site at Osborne as part of the TechPort Australia project.

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Victoria – Wonthaggi Desalination Plant – bathymetric survey

In November 2007, HydroSurvey Australia was engaged by GHD, Melbourne to undertake a bathymetric survey of the site of a proposed desalination plant measuring 8.7 kilometres by 3.6 kilometres offshore from Wonthaggi, Victoria.

The survey vessel Pathfinder was used for the bathymetric survey, which features the GeoAcoustics Geoswath Plus wide swath survey system. This system is mounted centrally between the hulls and can be raised and lowered by a periscope lifting device. The Pathfinder was transported to Victoria from Adelaide on a low loader. The site was surveyed from 9 to 24 January 2008 and the final report and data was supplied to the client on 22 February 2008.

Hydrography experts

HydroSurvey Australia is the hydrographic survey division of Flinders Ports.

We adhere to the highest standards of project management and deliver hydrographic and tide survey services to our valued clients around Australia.

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