Project Management

At HydroSurvey Australia we follow strict guidelines and protocols to manage each project for our valued clients.

Project planning

HydroSurvey Australia provides expert and specialised consultancy services to a range of new and regular clients each year. A responsive and flexible approach ensures that we are able to meet client requirements, providing solutions designed to accommodate large and smaller projects.

All survey work undertaken is conducted in accordance with Quality Assurance Standards, with systems and procedures conforming to AS/NZS ISO 9001 certification.

Prior to each job and in consultation with the client, the survey area and degree of coverage is determined. Survey run-lines are then calculated and a site plan produced.

Log sheets for each survey are kept and critical calibration settings such as draft, squat, speed of sound and elements of the position fixing equipment, such as the height of the instrument, are recorded.

A record of each run-line, and events on that run-line, are noted so that any ambiguity in the depth or position measurement can be correctly determined during the editing process.

Tidal datums and their references are routinely maintained and checked, with portable field tide gauges calibrated and checked against the standard gauge over the range of tide.



 Jet Ski (2)

Tide gauges are deployed as closely as possible to the survey site or on either side of it to ensure reliable water levels are recorded. Visual tide board readings are also made to verify logger data.



Data processing

With specialised computer technology, HydroSurvey Australia is able to edit data, prepare plans, undertake 3D modelling, calculate volumes and provide a variety of textual or graphic based outputs.

Data processing is undertaken utilising design software, image scanning and various output devices, with customised GIS application software enabling the sophisticated analysis and modelling of diverse data sets.

Recurrent surveys are compared with previous surveys to check against any possible errors.

Data delivery

Project data can be provided in a variety of plan and chart formats, and in both hardcopy and digital outputs.

A number of CAD programs are used to prepare plans and charts. Plans may be plotted on both paper and plastic medium and are scanned, filed and registered for storage.

Approximately 200 plans are produced for registration each year, with project data archived as a permanent record for retrieval.

Data formats

  • Data may be acquired in any grid/datum system. HydroSurvey Australia uses software that supports a wide range of grid transformations, including those to and from GDA 94.
  • Data can be supplied in any ASCII format required by the client, including MOSS, DWG and DXF.
  • Plans and charts may be prepared at any required scale or orientation and can be annotated with contours and shore detail.
  • Cross section plots with multiple layers can be produced as well as surface difference models and plots. These models are used to calculate changes in volumes between successive surveys. HydroSurvey Australia has extensive experience in performing these calculations, which are used in the normal course of operations to monitor dredging and sediment movements.
  • All digital data, both raw and reduced, are filed and archived as a permanent record for retrieval and future reference. A quality assurance procedure ensures the safety and integrity of all data.

Hydrography experts

HydroSurvey Australia is the hydrographic survey division of Flinders Ports.

We adhere to the highest standards of project management and deliver hydrographic and tide survey services to our valued clients around Australia.

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